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English Touch

Franchise Scheme


Welcome to the world of business opportunities!




In today's hypercompetitive era, it does not need mentioning, people from all walks of life need rich English communication skills to succeed in life. Good communication skills become unavoidable essentially for the population who aspire to move several rungs up their business, political, academic or corporate career. So, here one of the best institutions of the area, English Touch comes into the picture. It will fit into all such needs.

English Touch, one of the most learner-friendly institutes of spoken English in the area, was conceptualized and developed by Mr Sanjay Kumar Jha who remains the most sought-after name when it comes to receiving high-quality training in English speaking skills. He has a proven track record of more than a decade helping people fighting a constant battle with poor English communication skills throughout their career. In his quest to discover the true potential of right communication skills, Mr Jha has devised a brilliant idea of language skills solutions. He wishes to shift the traditional learning methods to the futuristic style of learning. His deft command of the English language makes him capable of breaking complex expressions and grammatical structures into simple and easy-to-communicate speeches and presentations. All this can be broadly beneficial to even average or below average sort of language learners.

With this excitement and eagerness in his spirit, Mr Jha, on the one hand, has pledged his support to train the maximum number of people who experience a desperate craving to learn language skills but are not capable of paying extortionately high fees charged by high-end institutions. On the other hand, he extends his helping hand to the people who want to grow their finances by serving humanity for a noble cause. As a consequence, he has undertaken the task to sweep through PAN India.

To achieve this goal, we are expanding our helping hand to those who have a keen interest in mentoring and tutoring as well as a flair to excel in an academic business. For this, you will require only a limited amount of money to invest in the industry.

Buy English Touch Franchise Without Breaking Your Bank:

Collaborate with English Touch as a franchise center to bring glory and contentment to your career as well as reap substantial financial rewards - It’s simple!

You typically tend to think so big and so deep when it comes to operating a business under franchise. Your head starts swinging. It’s usual to experience a sensation of your heart beating in your head, especially when you aspire to own a business as a stable career for you but you lack finances. You seek a peaceful place where you can lie comfortably on a couch, and your fingers automatically start ticking your head while you try figuring it out how you are going to solve the puzzle. However, you do not need to worry. We have you covered.

We have come up with some simple operating procedures and easy-to-access pricing models. We have structured such a viable business plan with some specific growth strategies where there is a win-win situation for everyone. At this place, you do not need a sizeable fat sum or hefty investment. Apart from investing very less fund compared to others, all you need is demonstrating a real knack for making money along with a right entrepreneurial attitude and some fair level of commitment to providing quality education which remains the need of the hour.

Our institute’s chief goal is to revolutionize the ways of English communication skills development and spread the same so that they can reach people from all social strata. Conclusively, the institute opens a window of ideal opportunities for the people dreaming of building up their own business.

What is franchising?

In layman’s terms, a franchise represents a contractual commercial relationship between a licensor or franchisor (English Touch in this case) and licensee or franchisee (maybe you) which allows the licensee to use the licensor’s brand and methods of doing business in order to sell products or services to the end users.

In a franchise arrangement, franchisor, the owner of the brand does not directly operate or manage the franchised centers. Serving the end users with their products and services on a day-to-day basis is the role and responsibility of the franchisee, the owner of the centre.

Benefits Enjoyed by the English Touch Franchisee:

  • Becoming a proud owner of an enterprise is easy with us. You won’t have to start your business from scratch alone as you need to do while being an independent entity.

  • You will automatically be the part of a system which stands the test of time having a proven track record of handling a successful business.

  • You will gain instant access to a more significant market share via the rights to use the trademark and brand name of English Touch.

  • You won’t be left alone. Wherever you feel stuck in the course of doing business, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you at every step.

  • Be an English Touch franchisee and secure your pass to an immensely successful and profitable career.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Franchisee:

  • Comply with all the standards and procedures laid down by the institute.

  • Support business optimisation activities on the allocated territory and the customer segments.

  • Maintain the deep faith and confidentiality of the business as well as respect the collective identity and the reputation of the whole franchise network.

  • Cooperate closely on the promotional programmes and upgradation of the systems and facilities guaranteeing the end user’s satisfaction.

  • Offer the required fees and royalties on mutually agreed upon payment schedules.

  • You are expected to own a well-furnished office and at least two classrooms of 200 sq. ft. each.


He Who Hesitates Is Lost. So Make the Most of the Opportunity Now:

Having a brief look at the demand and supply matrix of employability in India, you can gauge the importance of English speaking skills where almost every organisation give preference to hiring people who have at least a fair level of English speaking skills. India is the country of youth and the youth play an integral role in the overall development of the country. However, if you talk about employability, the majority of them are marginalized only because they lack communication skills, especially in English.

The then Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr Rajiv Pratap Rudy himself passed a convincing statement while speaking at the launch of “Transnational Skill Standards". In his opinion, “Employability of a person simply goes up by 40 per cent if the person is able to talk in English”. What he said remains thoroughly accurate specifically in the context of Indians. Every day, month and year, thousands and millions of job-hunters from India enter the job market, but only few who possess the right communication skills get appointed to a suitable position. This is where it starts to get much trickier. Moreover, there is a considerably high demand of committed institutions like us (English Touch), who are ready to supply a skilled workforce. Hence, we are on the constant lookout for some right candidates who share the same vision as we do.

Collaborating with English Touch Is a Win-win Deal for You:

While working with English Touch, you can benefit significantly from the ongoing opportunities. You can build your business fast. By joining your hands with the pioneer in the field of Spoken English training, you will have instant recognition and business success. You will have an opportunity of running your business with total confidence as you will automatically acquire all the technical and operational know-how about running a company which is the outcome of all the hard work and practical experience attained throughout the life of the institution.

You will also receive unlimited support from English Touch wherever you need. We also provide our franchisees with all the practical support and counseling in all the affairs to help their business thrive. Training, in particular, is an expensive operation in the cases of new start-ups. However, by running a franchise under the guidance of English Touch, you will have the ease of business by accessing our courses and programmes along with needed business promotion and practical work experience without wasting additional time, money or energy.

Advantages of franchising with English Touch:

  • Minimum investment and high return while being with English Touch.

  • All project start-up guidance like workforce recruitment assistance, training the counsellors, trainers, and management people.

  • Our widespread support and further advice on advertising and promotion.

  • Assistance from English Touch in all areas of the franchise scheme.

  • Time-to-time visits and care taken by English Touch.

  • Exclusive rights to use an established business model.

  • No saturation point expected in the near future.

Steps to Set up an English Touch franchise centre:

  • You fill-up the franchise application form.

  • Our representative calls you for further discussion.

  • Sign the agreement and deposit the franchise fees.

  • Our experts provide desired training to your staff.

  • We hand you over all the required instruction manuals, course materials and advertising materials.

  • Inauguration, induction and start of classes.

  • Monthly reports and royalties to be sent to English Touch regularly.


Our Target Audience:

As per a recent survey, less than 15% of Indians know how to speak English. It means more than 85% of our population still needs to be educated in the language.

Our target audience -

  •  Individuals

  • BPO Professionals

  • KPO Professionals

  • Schools

  • Corporate Houses

  • Service Industries

  • Technical Institutes

  • Hospitality

  • Government Sectors


Details of Property/Investment Required:

Required Area

500+ Square Feet (Semi-commerical/Commercial)

Brand/Franchise Fee

Rs 50,000 (One-time Fee)

Overall Investment

Rs 1,50,000 (Depending on the location)


10% of the Net Profit


N.B. Additionally, Franchisees have to bear some recurring monthly expenses on faculties/trainers, counsellors, utility bills, office stationery, facilities, office boy, etc.


Anticipated percentage return on investment 60-70%


Expansion Locations:


Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh


Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh


Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim


Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa


Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand


Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu



Do you have a standard franchise agreement?                                  -    Yes

How long is the franchise term for?                                                    -    1 Year

Is the term renewable?                                                                       -    Yes

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