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Voice and Accent Course

Fee: 5,000/-

Duration : 1 Month


Voice/Accent training (English) also known as accent alteration, de-accentuation or accent neutralization is a systematic method to train a person with a neutral English accent. An accent in any language which is generally accepted by all international communities is called the neutral accent. 
This training constitutes learning fundamental concepts of the English alphabet and corresponding letters, phonology, and the dialect of the English language.

You may have a sound knowledge of the English language, i.e. grammatical rules and structures, translation techniques, rich vocabularies, spoken skills, etc. Still, at times, you might feel hard to communicate or to make others understand you as you wish them to. And maybe you are still unaware of the cause. Secondly, speaking with friends and family can be done in casual ways but officially you are supposed to follow the correct voice and accent in order to be accepted by all around you. Truly speaking, it’s the need of the hour. But in such cases, one thing is common with most people which is their voice and accent problems. Yes! Deficiency in voice and accent is the main culprit here.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to squeeze your brain for the solution anymore. We do have the solution to this. You just need to put your trust in us. We understand the correct voice and accent are vital components of effective communication.

The voice/accent training given by us will create a noticeable difference in the clarity and comprehensibility of your communication removing mother tongue influence (MTI) and developing the correct accent is the main focus of attention at our centre. We also place a great amount of importance on phonetics and intonation which are two key components that influence accent. 
The most striking features of our voice and accent training workshop are:

     Phonetics/Pronunciation/Neutral voice and accent
    Speech mechanism
    Correct techniques of pronouncing vowels and consonants
    Syllables, Syllable stress, Word Stress, Sentence Stress in English
    Special word drills and sentence drills relevant to the programme
    Jaw articulation exercises
    Formation of sentence
    Voice modulation
    Clarity of speech
    Mouth and face exercises and relaxation 

There are also some secondary benefits of this programme. Through this course, we have found our students also developing a stronger voice, spelling English better, developing better English skills and gaining an astonishing amount of confidence. 
It will play a vital role in improving your communication and confidence, which help you leave a lasting impression on your listeners every time you talk or speak something.

This course includes

Lifelong Free Access

Access via Smartphone | iPhone | Desktop

Online | Offline Classes

Practice Group | Study Notes

Certificate of Completion

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