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Crash Course English For Advanced Level - 3

Fee: 5,000/- One-Off Payment

Duration: 2 Months


It’s a two-month immersion course in English in which students will hear and use only English. It’s intended especially for the candidates who currently possess a decent level of English communication skills both in written and spoken forms but have hesitations, fears and insecurities, and lack confidence while trying to share their valuable insights and opinion to the world where they feel like working against the gravitational force. And, only due to this lack in the English language skills, most people continue forever in a job that is not to their liking and ultimately that finish line would seemingly be a long way away. 

It does mean that such candidates urgently need a well-structured course backed by some expert guidance to polish their language skills. If you are one of them, this course is for you. 

Apart from enhancing your language skills as a whole, it will boost your confidence as well as nurture high self-esteem in you which will ultimately help you break down the barrier and open a new world of opportunities whether you wish to excel in any corporate sectors, any business affairs or any academic jobs. Whatever the nature of your job, this course will make you efficient and able to clearly inform something to others, ask to do something and to express your feelings, ideas, moods, experiences, etc which has become the demand of the time both inside and outside the workplace. It will open the way for the upward climb.

As for the course structure and training methodologies, we have structured the course in the way it includes most typical and advance level grammatical rules, sentence structures, translation techniques and methods, extremely useful conversational phrases, thematic vocabularies (both active and passive vocabularies) followed by a great number of quizzes based on things learned. Attempting and practising quizzes will make your knowledge perfect. These quizzes which are included almost in all the courses bring with them a considerable emphasis on the formative assessment with more use of the descriptive record of learners’ development in language learning skills which tracks their improvement at large alongside their language skills and abilities. 

This course will also help you prepare for other competitive exams like CAT, GATE, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PMT, Civil Services, etc.

This course includes

Lifelong Free Access

Access via Smartphone | iPhone | Desktop

Online | Offline Classes

Practice Group | Study Notes

Certificate of Completion

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