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Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Fee: ₹ 3,000/-

Duration: 1 Month


As the name suggests, Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview is a one-month course designed for the individuals who are preparing for group discussions or personal interviews in view of getting a job on a dream company or admission in a reputed university.

If you wish to plan to maximise your potential to crack any level of interviews and get your dream job, this course will make your dream come true. It will enable you to explore your true potential, values, experience, qualification and position yourself in front of the interviewer and snatch at every moment to impress them and grab the success.

The course comprises of all the essential Dos and DONTs of group discussion and personal interview. Fundamental aspects of GD & PI include:

     How to train your mind to think analytically
     How to be open-minded and recognize the facts
     How to seek opportunities to put your points and discuss others’ points
     How to structure your thoughts and present them in a logical manner
     How to train yourself to be a good listener
     How to meet people and start talking 
     How to get into details about your family background, etc

In a nutshell, this course would prove to be your pass to succeed in any type of interviews and group discussions.

This course includes

Lifelong Free Access

Access via Smartphone | iPhone | Desktop

Online | Offline Classes

Practice Group | Study Notes

Certificate of Completion

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